SunRite™ Camber Ink 55" Fabric

SKU: 125288



SunRite™ Camber Ink is a contemporary upholstery fabric that's perfect for your next upholstery project. Upgrade your living space with this high-quality, indoor/outdoor performance fabric. Featuring a geometric design of oval shapes on a navy background, Camber will add bold, contemporary style to your home.

What is a performance fabric? Performance fabrics are indoor/outdoor woven upholstery fabrics with exceptional abrasion, stain, mold/mildew and water resistance. Performance fabrics are solution-dyed, which means the dye penetrates to the core of every fiber in the weave. SunRite fabrics will never fade or lose color, even after years of use and sun exposure. SunRite fabrics guarantee a soft and sleek feel without compromising comfort for extreme durability.

There is a right and wrong side to this fabric, meaning only one side is meant to be exposed.

To Clean SunRite Fabrics: Clean with soap and water or a bleach/water solution when disinfecting is crucial.