Jib Hank #3 - Works With Wire Up to 5/8"

SKU: 24308



This jib hank is designed to secure a jib to the wire forestay. Gradually bend the long arm of the snap into place with a leather mallet and use the sliding piston to positively lock the hook end over the stay.

A #3 pressed spur grommet is required for installation. Install the grommet just behind the luff rope/wire in the sail. The long arm of the snap is bent into place. This should be done gradually to prevent breakage--a leather mallet and many blows works well. Clear plastic inserts are used to reduce wear on the sail. Inserts sold separately.

Opening length of hank is 0.836". This will work with a 3/8" max. rope diameter, when used with a #3 spur grommet.

Wire rope not included.