Tape Dacron® 5 oz. White 3" (Not Adhesive Backed)

SKU: 22108



Tape Dacron® 5 oz. White 3" is made from long strips of Dacron cloth that is cut with the grain for very little stretch. Dacron sail tape is used to finish the edges of sails, for reinforcement in the areas where fasteners are placed in canvas projects, and to form sleeves into which boltrope can be drawn. Some sailmakers use two or three layers of tape in place of boltrope. Extra strength can be achieved by using more than one ply.

Dacron tape can be used for sail repair of rips and tears in working sails (main, jib, genoa). This Dacron tape is used for more permanent sewn repairs. Use double-sided basting tape (Seamstick) to hold this tape prior to sewing. Then sew around the patch perimeter.

Please note: This tape is not adhesive backed.