Thermozite Thermal-Acoustic Insulation 48"

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Thermozite Thermal-Acoustic Insulation is an excellent heat and sound barrier! Thermozite is a lightweight thermal-acoustic insulation composite made with Eco-fi™ polyester fiber (100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles). This insulation material has a laminated scrim-reinforced foil on one side and 1/4-inch-thick jute carpet padding on the other. The tough aluminum foil side provides a radiant heat shield, which can increase thermal resistance up to a factor of four (depending on the distance from heat source).

Use Thermozite for insulation, heat deflection and sound deadening in RVs, cars, trucks and boats around areas like engine hatch covers and engine compartments, door panels, machinery enclosures, firewalls, and noisy pipes and valves. Install foil side down when insulating and, usually, foil side up for most other purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: The carpet side of this product is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. This means that the color will vary from production batch to production batch depending on what plastic materials were used during the manufacturing process. The carpet side may be gray, green, blue, etc. Please take this into account if you are using Thermozite in an application in which the carpet side will be seen. Carpet-side color shown in product photos may not be the color you receive.