Time Estimates for Popular Marine Projects

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We frequently get asked questions about how long a particular project will take to complete. So, to help your project planning, we’ve put together a list of time estimates for approximately how long our most popular marine projects would take the average DIYer. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

See how long it will take a beginner to sew popular marine projects like fender covers, biminis, back-to-back seats, hatch covers and companionway covers.

These time estimates are based on industry time standards for professional marine fabricators. We used the professional times as a basis and adjusted them to better suit the average beginner DIY sewist. As you complete more sewing projects and progress to intermediate and advanced sewing, the time it takes you to complete basic projects will be greatly reduced. Additionally, the time estimates given below are for the most basic projects only. As you add more features and complexity to your project, you should adjust for more time as well. Similarly, the larger the projects are, the more time they will take. If you have a larger boat, err towards the higher end of the estimates.

Please note also that we’ve broken out the time it takes to install the frame of biminis and dodgers separately from the time it takes to sew the canvas. If you will be starting from scratch, you’ll need to add these two estimates together. Similarly, the time estimate for box cushions is for sewing basic cushions only. We’ve included add-on times for common upgrades and the time it takes to cut the foam for new cushions, so you can plan as close as possible to your project.

Time Estimates for Popular Marine Projects

Project DIY Time Estimate
3-Bow Attached Bimini 12-14 hrs.
3-Bow Bimini 12-16 hrs.
Bimini Boot 3 hrs.
2-Bow Dodger 25-36 hrs.
3-Bow Dodger 30-38 hrs.
2-Bow Dodger Frames 2-4 hrs.
3-Bow Bimini/Dodger Frames 2.5-5 hrs.
Enclosure Panel 3-7 hrs.*
9' Mooring & Travel Cover 12-28 hrs.
15' Mooring & Travel Cover 14-30 hrs.
18' Mooring & Travel Cover 16-32 hrs.
21' Mooring & Travel Cover 18-34 hrs.
24' Mooring & Travel Cover 20-36 hrs.
27' Mooring & Travel Cover 22-38 hrs.
30' Mooring & Travel Cover 24-40 hrs.
30'+ Mooring & Travel Cover 26-40 hrs.
Dinghy Chaps 16 hrs.
2' Windshield Cover 3 hrs. 30 min.-6 hrs. 30 min.
4' Windshield Cover 4-7 hrs.
6' Windshield Cover 5 hrs. 30 min.-8 hrs.
9' Windshield Cover 7-9 hrs. 30 min.
12' Windshield Cover 8 hrs. 30 min.-11 hrs.
15' Windshield Cover 9-11 hrs. 30 min.
Console Cover 6-14+ hrs.
Hatch Cover 1 hr. 30 min.-2 hrs.
Fender Cover 1 hr. 30 min.-2 hrs.
Motor Cover 3-5 hrs.
Companionway Cover 3 hrs. 30 min.-7 hrs.
Winch Cover 1 hr. 30 min.-3+ hrs.
Pedestal (Binnacle) Cover 1 hr. 30 min.-3+ hrs.
Jib Bag 2 hrs. 15 min.-6 hrs.
Weather Cloths 45 min.-1 hr. 30 min. per foot
Sail Cover 6 hrs. 45 min.-8 hrs. 15 min.
Boxed Cushions (2'x2' - 5'x7') 3-10 hrs.
V-Berth Cushions (5-7 feet long) 8+ hrs.
Upholstered Panels 45 min. per square foot
Back-to-Back Seat 16 hrs. 30 min.
Lounge Bench Seat 15 hrs.
Headliner & Hull Liner 2 hrs. per yard of fabric
For Cushions Add:
Piping 30 min.-2 hrs.
Pattern Match 25% to times
Cutting New Foam 1-2 hrs.

We should note that these time estimates are intended to help beginner canvasworkers plan their projects. These time estimates should not be used for pricing purposes.

Find instructions for these projects and many more right here at Sailrite.

*This is an average time per panel. Total project time will vary based on enclosure size and complexity.