Top-Snapper® Canvas Snap Tool

SKU: 100590



Makes fastening and unfastening your boat canvas a snap! Highly recommended for use with stainless steel snap fasteners.

The principle behind putting up and removing boat canvas is simple – tops and side curtains are supposed to simply snap on and snap off. But, if you’ve fastened many canvas snaps, you know that the job is seldom that easy. Canvas shrinks, snaps corrode, and aligning and snapping the two halves of a snap can quickly become a two-person job. The Top-Snapper® Canvas Snap Tool is the perfect solution.

Two blades cover all of your snapping needs. The long blade is ideal for use from the inside, the short blade is ideal for snaps on the outside. The tool's notched blades simply slip over the cap or shoulder of the snap and enable you to push or pull the snap into place. The Top-Snapper is the only snap tool that will work on either the inside or the outside snaps. And the new ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip.

How do I use the Top-Snapper?

If you are inside the boat, simply grab the inside of the snap with the Top-Snapper, align the two halves of the snap, and pull it closed from inside the boat. If you are outside the boat cabin, simply slide the Top-Snapper under the snap cap, align the two snap halves, and press the snap together.

Here is how the Top-Snapper can help you with the snaps:

  • Makes fastening your boat canvas easy.
  • Reduces the risk of canvas tears.
  • Its two blades will work on all reachable snaps.
  • Ergonomic grip is ideal for marine conditions.
  • Ideal for Tonneau cover snaps too.
  • Stainless steel blades for long life.