Twist 'N Select™ Needle Storage Tube

SKU: 120205



Twist 'N Select™ Needle Storage Tube is a unique tool designed to hold various sizes and types of hand sewing needles from Dritz®. An internal magnet lifts the needles to the top and fans them out for easy selection. This is a handy needle storage device for sewists both at home and on the water.

Please Note: Needles are not included.


  • To fill the tube with needles, remove the cap and twist the light green base counter-clockwise until the magnet is at bottom of tube.
  • Insert hand sewing needles into tube with points facing down; replace cap on the tube. (Note: to insure proper function, do not overfill the tube.)
  • To select a needle, remove the cap and hold the tube opening away from your face. Slowly twist the base clockwise to raise the needles to the top of the tube.
  • Select a needle; twist the base counter-clockwise to lower remaining needles back into the tube.
  • Replace the cap for proper storage.