Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine — When Should I Upgrade?

Item # X-HT-300344

If your older industrial machine is not performing well, you may be experiencing some of the following issues. Fortunately, these problems can be solved by upgrading your machine.

Consider an Upgrade If:

  • Your machine sews too fast.
  • Belts slip in your machine.
  • Bobbin winding is cumbersome.
  • There is no reverse feature on your current machine.
  • Needles break often.
  • You have sewing power but only with a fast start.
  • It's hard to control your sewing and stitch placement.
  • Frequent mechanical adjustments are required.
  • There is a lack of repair content available for self-diagnosis and adjustments.
  • You're experiencing poor feeding and stitch quality.

Do any of those points ring true regarding your current industrial machine? If so, the following paragraphs will highlight a few reasons why you should further consider choosing the Fabricator Sewing Machine for your next sewing endeavor.

You're on a budget but want to create professional projects.

When it comes to industrial machines, you can expect to pay more, but that doesn’t mean you will receive a higher quality machine. Compared to similar machines, the Fabricator Sewing Machine is an exceptional value for the power and peace of mind that comes along with it. This machine is available in a Standard and a Deluxe package, which we will detail later on in this blog.

Buying a low-quality machine will earn you low-quality results. You can’t have a machine that might fail or leave your project looking unprofessional, especially if your business depends on it. The Fabricator is a superior industrial sewing machine known for its ability to create professional-looking projects time and time again. If you plan on using your machine for hours on end, such as in a shop, or you’re working on a project that absolutely must look exceptional, the choice is simple.

If you sew professionally, want to in the future, or just have a passion for sewing, the Fabricator Sewing Machine will serve you well on any endeavour. In addition, our detailed video tutorials and blogs will guide you through creating a number of projects for the home, patio, boat, automobile and RV so you can turn any DIY dream into a reality. We are the only one-stop shop for all things related to sewing, whether you need thread, fabric, needles or just some inspiration -- Sailrite has it all in one place!

Upgrading Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 9The Fabricator and Workhorse Servo Motor will serve you well in any setting. Pictured here is the Standard and Deluxe Package.

You want a range of sewing speeds without losing power.

Older industrial sewing machines may not be capable of sewing at slow speeds like the Fabricator, let alone provide immense power and precision while at this speed. The ability to sew through multiple layers of thick, heavy fabrics at very slow speeds is a unique and useful capability of the Sailrite Fabricator’s patented power system.

How is this possible? Well, the Fabricator is powered by Sailrite’s Workhorse® Servo Motor, a 550 watt, 3/4 horsepower motor that provides a fluid motor to machine power transfer. This motor is a key feature to the Fabricator’s success, it runs quietly and is both energy saving and durable. It also features fully adjustable speed settings—you can set your top stitching speed and maintain variable speed control, giving the Fabricator a sewing range from stitch by stitch to 1108 stitches per minute based on your preference.

In addition to the Workhorse Servo Motor, the Fabricator is equipped with our unique oversized Stitch PRO Balance Wheel which gears the motor down providing more torque and power, cogged belt to prevent belt slippage and patented Posi-Pin® Safety Shear (Patent #743009). The Posi-Pin is a sacrifical component that protects your machine from damage. If you sew over something you shouldn’t, the pin will break and your machine will stop operating in order to protect the machine. Pulling the pin out also makes the machine stop working, which is an excellent bonus safety feature. Additionally, the Posi-Pin lets you disengage the balance wheel when winding bobbins, reducing wear and tear on the machine's internal components. The Fabricator is the only industrial machine to feature this innovative technology.

Thick, heavy or large projects are on your radar.

If you plan on sewing multiple layers of fabric or thick materials, your old Singer industrial machine may not be up to the task. While it’s true that most industrial machines are built specifically for tough fabric assemblies, our Sailrite sewing machines take that capability one step further. The Fabricator is built with powerful, precise sewing in mind. It boasts incredible sewing power, so if you’re particularly interested in sewing specialty fabrics or thick assemblies that may be too much for your old Singer to handle, consider upgrading to a Fabricator.

The Fabricator can easily sew heavy canvas, awning fabrics, upholstery fabrics, denim, soft-medium weight leather and drapery fabrics. It can tackle up to 16 layers of Sunbrella® Marine Grade Fabric and up to 20 layers of denim, plus the extra-high foot lift makes it easier to fit thick assemblies underneath the presser foot. This is a machine to base your small business or serious DIY projects on.

The Fabricator will also sew thinner assemblies, so it can be your go-to machine for all kinds of projects! Not only is our Fabricator Sewing Machine an ideal option for beginner and professional sewists alike, but we also offer it in two packages: the Sailrite® Deluxe Fabricator® Sewing Machine Package (#400600) and the Sailrite® Standard Fabricator® Sewing Machine Package (#400500). For those wanting to sew with that special craftsman touch, the Deluxe package features a premium maple butcher block tabletop with scratch-resistant properties and powder-coated, steel legs capable of easy height adjustments. You'll also find it has a new flexible LED sewing light, additional storage and rubber feet to reduce sewing machine vibrations. Both packages come with a stationary sewing setup and ample table space so you can complete any project with ease. We’re confident it can meet all of your sewing needs and more!

The Fabricator Sewing Machine features a compound walking foot -- also known as a needle feed or triple feed system. This mechanism will aid in tackling thick and thin applications, excelling in consistent thicknesses like leather or long seam runs. The presser feet alternate where the inner presser foot does the walking. The inner foot moves up, forward, down and back with the needle, consistently feeding and stitching the fabric. The outer presser foot moves up and down to maintain pressure on the assembly preventing the top, bottom and middle layers from shifting. When the inner presser foot comes down on the application and the needle penetrates it, the outer presser foot momentarily raises from the assembly allowing it to be pulled by the inner foot. This ensures the Fabricator Sewing Machine performs consistently and faithfully, guaranteeing you always get even stitches in fabric layers that will not shift while sewn. Video to Gif

A closer look at the compound walking foot on the Fabricator.

Repairs and adjustments are costing you valuable time and money.

As a sewing machine ages its effectiveness may begin to falter, just like with any piece of machinery. If repairs and maintenance have cost you valuable time, consider upgrading your machine. This is especially true if you’re shelling out cash on costly repairs as these expenses can add up quickly. Over time, all that money you’ve spent fixing your old machine could have been put towards a new, more easily maintained machine.

You’re less likely to even have costly repairs with a Fabricator! Allow us to explain the reason behind this. Once a sewing machine is assembled it needs to be adjusted before it is ready to sew. Many machines are shipped straight from the overseas manufacturer to domestic middlemen and then your doorstep, bypassing the adjustment process. This leaves you to handle the tasks of tuning, oiling and getting your machine ready to sew. Every Fabricator is assembled, fine-tuned and calibrated at our Indiana manufacturing facility. As soon as we receive the head casting from our manufacturer, our technicians get to work preparing the machines for our customers.

If you find you need assistance, there’s no need to worry. When you buy a Sailrite Fabricator Sewing Machine, our excellent customer support team is here for you. Just call, online chat or email us and we will gladly walk you through any issue you may be having. Or we’ll share one of our many step-by-step support videos with you. We also keep all of our sewing machine parts in stock and available to ship to you at a moment’s notice. As an added bonus, every Fabricator comes with a two-year limited warranty.

At Sailrite, we make sure that every machine not only sews, but that it’s performing perfectly before it leaves our facility. Our entire process guarantees that every Fabricator functions to its highest capabilities. We put the time and effort into every machine so you can start sewing as soon as possible.

Upgrading Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 6Every part of our Fabricator machines are fine-tuned at our Indiana manufacturing facility before they reach you.

You want stress-free setup and maintenance, plus free resources.

Setting up and caring for a machine can be daunting, but we make it easy! The Fabricator makes sewing simple for both beginners and professionals. All of our machines come with a comprehensive guidebook filled with high-quality photos, detailed schematics, step-by-step instructions, plus information on machine maintenance and troubleshooting. No other sewing machine company offers this level of clarity.

In terms of Fabricator maintenance, a unique feature on our industrial machine is the self-lubricating setup. The Fabricator is built with a pump that distributes oil from the oil reserve throughout the machine, saving you time and energy. Another convenient addition found on our machines is our laser engraved needle plate with seam allowances. This makes it quick and easy for you to measure consistent width hems while you sew.

As part of the Sailrite community, you’ll always have an ample amount of free resources to tackle any project, should you ever need them. We have a plethora of step-by-step video tutorials on our website and YouTube channel to help you create your dream project or show you how to choose the proper needle and thread for your machine. No matter what DIY project you’re planning to take on, Sailrite will help you from start to finish.

Upgrading Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 10

A look inside our detailed Fabricator guidebook.


We hope this aids you in your decision of whether or not it’s time to upgrade from your Singer heavy-duty sewing machine to the industrial Sailrite Fabricator Sewing Machine. If you find you have any other questions regarding our top-notch sewing machines, feel free to contact us via email, online chat or phone. Our customer support staff will be happy to assist you.


This blog was updated in July 2020 to include mention of the new Fabricator package.