Waverly® Fabrics — When Should I Use Waverly?

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In 1923, Waverly® began its journey into the fabric market, originally launched by a maker of European fabrics with hopes of bringing home décor fabrics to American consumers. From then on Waverly has made a name for itself as a premier fabric brand for a number of décor applications. You can find these fabrics in both retailers and interior design showrooms in over 12,000 locations nationwide. Sailrite® is proud to carry this reputable fabric brand in a number of styles, patterns and colors for indoor and outdoor projects.

Here at Sailrite, we offer an incredibly wide selection of Waverly home fabrics in addition to Waverly’s outdoor fabric line: Waverly Sun N Shade. When you shop Waverly home décor fabrics, you’ll never be limited in terms of the incredibly diverse selection of colors and styles available. Discover a multitude of fabrics in bright florals, traditional toiles, formal paisleys, geometric designs and many other styles to suit your fashion sense and existing décor. Although this brand is most well known for their eye-catching patterns, they also have a selection of neutral fabrics for those who are looking to create a classic upholstery piece. They truly have unique styles for every taste!

When it comes to outdoor projects, you can create a bold, statement-making look on your patio with Waverly Sun N Shade fabrics. As their sole patio collection, these fabrics will bring a pop of personality to your outdoor living space and complement similar patterns and colors found on Waverly home fabrics for a cohesive look between your home and your patio. You can turn your whole home into a Waverly showroom!

Waverly interior fabrics are designed to complement each other, ensuring that you can create harmonious, perfectly coordinated looks in each room of your home. Whether you are using the same pattern or mixing solids and prints in your family room, kitchen and bedroom, it’s possible to craft a seamless transition throughout your living area. Waverly’s indoor home décor fabrics are great for:

  • Upholstery
  • Accent pillows
  • Cushions
  • Window treatments
  • Drapery
  • Headboards
  • Bedding
  • Slipcovers
  • Aprons, tote bags, crafts and more.
  • Although Waverly fabrics are suitable for a wide variety of home applications, keep in mind that many of them are not reversible. This could be a slight drawback depending on your desired application, so be sure to check the product description when searching for the right Waverly fabric for your next DIY. For example, if you were to use a nonreversible fabric as drapes or curtains, you would need to sew an additional liner fabric to the back.

    Waverly’s home fabrics are made from a variety of natural and synthetic fibers, including cotton, polyester, linen/rayon, cotton/polyester and polyester/rayon/linen blends. Waverly’s fabrics containing synthetic fibers such as polyester and rayon — either entirely or a blend — tend to be more durable than a natural fiber fabric would be, such as cotton. Synthetic fibers like polyester and rayon will generally be more stain resistant as well. Other Waverly fabrics feature Waybond Repellent Finish, a water-resistant coating that makes them easy to clean as well as more resilient to the wear and tear that comes from everyday use. Discover even more about each of these fabrics’ unique features on their respective product pages at Sailrite.com.

    Some Waverly fabrics feature greater durability than others, but you can make the distinction by looking at their double rubs listed under each product description. Waverly fabrics feature wear rating ranges anywhere between 15,000 and 51,000 double rubs. At the low end of this spectrum (15,000 double rubs), the wear rating is defined as a medium duty fabric suitable for living rooms and family rooms. Those fabrics that are over 15,000 double rubs are considered heavy duty fabrics perfect for residential use as they are extremely abrasion resistant. Certain Waverly fabrics, such as Waverly Orissa, have special features like being highly abrasion resistant (30,000+ cotton double rubs). For more information on how fabrics are tested for durability and interpreting double rubs, refer to our blog “What Are Double Rubs and the Wyzenbeek Test?” (300100XHT).

    Waverly Sun N Shade 100 percent polyester fabrics are ideal for casual outdoor use around your patio and pool as accent pillows, loose patio cushions, slipcovers, tote bags and placemats. They are available in both vibrant solids and statement-making prints. These fabrics feature between 500-1,500 hours of lightfast fade resistance to combat the sun's harsh rays. To promote the longevity of these fabrics, we recommend storing them inside or covering them when not in use.

    When searching for a fabric to use in your home or on your patio, it’s important to keep the care and cleaning specifications in mind. Will these pieces be around children or pets? Then you’ll want a fabric that is easy to clean. Will they be used in a relatively low-traffic area? Then perhaps dry clean only is a fair option to consider. The care and cleaning of Waverly fabrics depend greatly on whether it is an indoor or outdoor fabric.

    As a fairly low maintenance outdoor fabric, you can easily clean Waverly Sun N Shade fabrics with mild soap and water. You can also clean them just by brushing off any dirt with a dry brush and rinsing with fresh water. Most, if not all, of Waverly’s interior home décor fabrics are recommended to be dry cleaned only. The care and cleaning specifications of each fabric are listed in the product description to better guide you.

    If you’re searching for bold, one-of-a-kind patterns and vivid colors to spruce up the inside of your home, Waverly fabrics have something for everyone. Their multitude of interior collections make great window treatments, drapery, upholstery, headboards, accent pillows, cushions and much more! You can transform every room in your home using these versatile fabrics, and when it comes to coordinating your outdoor living area, Waverly Sun N Shade has a variety of styles to choose from. Still unsure of what fabric is right for you? Ordering fabric samples from our website is an easy way to try before you buy! And, don’t forget, our highly-trained customer support staff is here to answer any questions you may have.