Wonder Clips Red (10 pack)

SKU: 121900



Wonder Clips to the rescue! These clever sewing notions come in handy when you can’t use pins to hold layers of fabric together. Pins leave permanent holes in materials like vinyl and faux leather, window material, leather, and even delicate silks and satins. Wonder Clips don’t pierce fabrics. The mouth opens wide and is very strong for holding multiple layers of material together.

Another great use of the Wonder Clips is to hold binding in place around the edge of your fabric assembly if you don’t have a binder attachment. The back of the clip is very flat so your fabric still feeds smoothly under the presser foot. The bright red color will make them easy to see in your fabric assembly or on the floor if you drop them — no lost pins to accidentally step on or pins forgotten in your fabric! On the underside of the clips are seam allowance markings so you can accurately line up your clips for a straight and even seam line.

Note: Just as with pins, you should remove the clips before feeding the fabric under the presser foot.