SNAPCAP® Top Stop #10 Black Plastic Zipper (Molded Tooth Chain)

SKU: 123708
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The SNAPCAP® #10 Black Plastic Zipper Top Stop is a nonpermanent stop that goes at the top of a molded tooth zipper chain to keep the slider on the tape. It can be used on #10 and #8 molded tooth zippers from YKK® and Lenzip®. It works on both separating zippers and continuous zipper chain.

A SNAPCAP is the quickest and easiest zipper stop to install. All you have to do is place the stop at the top of a zipper tooth, twist it 90 degrees and push it down. You can place this convenient stop wherever you want on the zipper tape and remove it again if needed. There’s no need to remove zipper teeth, use pliers or cut the zipper tape to install this stop — which will reduce mistakes and wasted material.

Warning: SNAPCAPs top stops are not permanent and can be removed from, or fall off of, a zipper. Do not use SNAPCAP top stops on clothing or products for children. Loose SNAPCAP top stops are a choking hazard.

Please note: Each top stop fits only one side of a zipper tape. Two top stops are needed per zipper — one on each side of the tape.


  • Simple three-step installation — just place, twist and push.
  • No need to cut zipper tape or remove zipper teeth to install the stop.
  • Not permanent and can be removed.
  • Fits #10 and #8 molded tooth zippers from YKK and Lenzip.
  • Use with continuous or separating zippers.