#10 Silver Metal Zipper Top Stop (Coil Chain)

SKU: 104409
$0.90 to $36.00



The #10 Silver Metal Zipper Top Stop is a slider stop for shortened #10 continuous or separating coil zippers. Use with #10 coil zippers from YKK® or Lenzip®.

To install, first cut the zipper using side snips to shorten it to your desired length. Then press the top stop over the top end of each half of the zipper chain. Pierce the zipper flange with the prongs on the stop and bend the prongs around the back of the zipper teeth with pliers. Two top stops are required — one for each half of the zipper.


  • Stops the slider at the top of a zipper chain.
  • Made of metal for durability.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Use with a #10 continuous or separating coil zipper chain from YKK or Lenzip.