#5 Brass Metal Zipper Top Stop (Metal Chain)

SKU: 122589
$1.00 to $7.00



The #5 Brass Metal Zipper Top Stop is a slider stop for shortened #5 continuous metal zipper chain. Simply cut the zipper to your desired length and add the stop to the top of the chain. Use this stop with #5 metal zippers from YKK® or Lenzip®.

How to Install:

  • Cut the zipper chain to your desired length, then separate the sides to work with each half individually. Install the slider.
  • Use vise grips and a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove four to five metal zipper teeth at the top of the tape. (We recommend leaving the very top tooth in place and removing a few teeth below it to give the stop additional leverage to secure.) To easily do this, hold the zipper flange with the vise grips and pull the teeth from the flange with the pliers.
  • Place the stop over the open area and squeeze it into place with the pliers.
  • Use a hotknife to cut off the portion of the zipper flange with the single tooth and seal the flange.

NOTE: Two stops are required — one for each side of the zipper.


  • Stops the slider at the top of a zipper chain.
  • Made of metal for durability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Use with #5, continuous metal zippers from YKK or Lenzip.