Zipper Selection Made Easy — Everything You Need to Know About Zippers

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In our zipper buying guide video, we take the guesswork out of zipper selection. We break down the different zipper teeth types — molded tooth, coil and metal — and explain which projects and environments each type is best suited for. We also cover zipper sizes and project recommendations, as well as zipper slider types and how to pair a slider with the right zipper tape. What’s a locking zipper slider? Keep scrolling to find out!

All your zipper questions will be answered in the video below. After watching, choosing the right zipper for your applications will be a snap!

Sailrite is your go-to resource for all things zippers! We stock a full and diverse inventory of zipper components: separating zippers, continuous zipper chain lengths, zipper pulls and sliders, and zipper top and bottom stops. We’re proud to stock both Lenzip® and YKK® brand zipper components. Both brands are giants in the industry, known for quality parts that last. Our Lenzip supply is by far our most robust zipper offering, with a wide variety of finished, separating and continuous zipper styles, colors and sizes, as well as sliders and pulls in a multitude of colors and styles to choose from. Think of Sailrite as your trusted zipper supplier.

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