Zippers Explained in Detail Video Series

Item # X-HT-200136

Want to learn all about zippers? This video series explains some of the differences between the zipper types we offer at Sailrite®. With all of the different zipper options available, it can sometimes be confusing to figure out which to choose for your project. This video series will shed some light on zippers to help you find the right zipper for every DIY application.

YKK® VISLON® vs. Coil Zippers

The first video in our lineup will explain the differences between VISLON and coil zippers. Coil zippers are generally stronger and more flexible than VISLON and are used for cushions, pillows, purses/duffle bags or any application with curves, rounded corners or difficult angles. Generically referred to as molded tooth, VISLON zippers fair better in outdoor/marine applications including enclosures, large bags, cushions, jackets and covers.

Continuous vs. Finished Zippers

Depending on your particular zipper application, you'll want to choose between continuous zippers and finished zippers. This applies to both coil and VISLON zippers. Continuous zippers are often sewn into a project at both ends, as they do not have set lengths and can be customized to your liking. Finished zippers are often used on jackets and coats as they are available in a few set lengths and include starter boxes, pins, stops and sliders.

Zipper Sliders

In this short video, we'll describe the differences between our various zipper sliders and which is best for your application. You can choose between locking and non-locking.

Zipper Shortening & Stops

Next, we'll delve into shortening your zippers and adding stops so they best fit your application. Usually, this is something that has to be done with continuous zippers if they're too long and in need of a zipper stop, but you could also apply this method to finished zippers if needed.

YKK® AquaGuard® Water Repellent Zippers

Finally, let's discuss YKK AquaGuard zippers. These coil zippers feature a polyurethane coating on the zipper tape to optimize water repellency and are ideal for marine projects.

We hope this zipper video series has helped explain all the ins and outs of zipper types and styles. Thanks for watching! Be sure to explore our large selection of YKK zippers for all your project needs!