How to Make Lift Cord Shroud Tape

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Are you getting ready to make your own hobbled roman shade? Hobbled roman shades, and similar style shades, require a product called Lift Cord Shroud Tape. This fabric tape encases the lift cord that runs along the back of the window treatment. It is what creates the beautiful pleats that roman shades are known for. The shroud tape keeps the lift cord loops secured inside the tape as the shade is drawn, helping to prevent accidental tangling or choking. In this quick Tips & Tricks video, we’ll show you how to make your own lift cord shroud tape.

Learn how to sew your own lift cord tape for roman shades in this video tutorial.

Our DIY lift cord shroud tape is on the left. On the right, you can see the premade tape that is no longer available.

We used to stock premade lift cord shroud tape, but the manufacturer has discontinued the product. We’ve searched for a similar product, but we haven’t been able to find a good replacement. Luckily, we offer the materials needed to make your own DIY version of this discontinued item. Our project guy, Eric, knew that customers would be asking for lift cord shroud tape when making roman shades, so he figured out how to make it himself.

With 5/64-inch leech line and pillow protector fabric, it’s incredibly easy to make your own lift cord shroud tape. We paired these thin materials with home sewing thread and a #12 needle. A heavyweight thread and large needle would be too much for this very thin assembly. If you recently sewed something heavier like marine canvas or upholstery fabric, you might need to check your machine tension and do some testing before sewing the shroud tape.

Watch our short video to see how we made our own lift cord shroud tape. Once you have the shroud tape made, you can continue making your roman shade window treatment.

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