Sailrite® Fabricator® Industrial SEwing Machine

For Serious Straight Stitch Sewing

The Sailrite Fabricator is a full-size industrial, straight-stitch sewing machine. With a compound walking foot, patented Posi-Pin® Safety Shear and Workhorse® Servo Motor, the Fabricator was designed for job shops, including canvas, upholstery, leather and awning shops. It's also a great choice for home sewers and serious DIYers who need a machine with industrial strength and all-day power. Not only can the Fabricator handle the thickest and most heavy-duty fabrics, it can also sew delicate drapery fabrics with beauty and precision. It’s truly an all-in-one machine that can stand up to any sewing project — big or small.

What can it sew?

Heavy Canvas
Awning Fabric
Leather Up to 20 oz.
Upholstery Fabric
Pack Cloth

Power In Every Stitch

Workhorse® Servo Motor

Sew all day with the Fabricator. The Workhorse Servo Motor is a 12-coil, 550-watt, 3/4-horsepower motor that delivers a fluid motor-to-machine power transfer. It’s also energy efficient and durable while running quietly, providing a pleasant and peaceful sewing experience. Slow speed power and control allows you to sew stitch by stitch; you can set your top stitching speed and maintain variable speed control. The Workhorse Servo Motor, in conjunction with a cogged timing belt and the oversized Stitch PRO Balance Wheel, provides a truly one-of-a-kind, unbeatable sewing combination.

Posi-Pin® Safety Shear

Sailrite’s patented Posi-Pin Safety Shear (Patent #743009) is designed to protect the sewing machine's internal components from damage when a crash occurs. When you hit an internal metal component while sewing, or if you sew through a metal snap, grommet or zipper, your machine will crash and stop working correctly. The Posi-Pin is a sacrificial component that’s intended to break at the shear point during a needle deflection or collision with a metal component. All you have to do is remove the broken pin, replace it with a new one, install a new needle and continue sewing. No tuning or retiming required.

Stitch PRO Balance Wheel

The Stitch PRO Balance Wheel was designed exclusively for the Fabricator Sewing Machine. The balance wheel, used with the Workhorse Servo Motor and cogged timing belt, provides maximum power and control of the stitch speed while maintaining slow-speed control by the amount of pressure applied to the foot treadle. While it can sew stitch by stitch, it can also handle sewing up to 1,108 stitches per minute for a truly versatile, all-purpose sewing machine.

First-Class Features

Extra-High Foot Lift

The Fabricator has an extra-high foot lift, giving you up to 9/16 inch of lift and allowing you to easily sew through the thickest fabric assemblies. It can sew through eight layers of Sunbrella® Marine Grade fabric plus two layers of seat belt webbing. It can even sew leather up to 20 oz. The easy-to-operate knee lift lets you raise the presser foot hands-free. The locking lever behind the machine locks your foot lift in place once you set it to your desired height using the knee lift.

Bobbin Winder & Large Rotary Hook

The industrial thread stand and attached bobbin winder mechanism allow you to wind bobbins without unthreading the machine, which means you can wind a bobbin while you sew. You can also wind bobbins without sewing by disengaging the Posi-Pin. The large size of the Fabricator bobbin and rotary hook reduces the frequency of bobbin winding, meaning you can spend less time on the prep work and more time doing what you love — sewing.

Compound Walking Foot

The Fabricator has a compound walking foot that works in conjunction with the feed dog to pull layers of fabric evenly through the machine for consistent stitching. The walking foot handles varying fabric widths easily without getting caught; it creates beautiful, evenly tensioned stitches every time.

Engraved Needle Plate

The silver, easy-to-read needle plate has helpful seam allowance guides so you can quickly and easily position your project at a specified distance from the needle. The measurements are laser-engraved 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch from the needle for perfectly straight seams every time.

One Machine Two Great Packages

Our powerhouse Fabricator Sewing Machine comes in two package options: Standard and Deluxe. Each package includes the same industrial-size Fabricator machine head. The accessories and features differ in each package so you can choose the one that best fits your sewing needs and creative vision.

Standard Fabricator Package

With the Standard package, the Fabricator machine head sits in a double-laminated tabletop custom made for Sailrite in the United States. It offers a solid workstation with plenty of space for comfortable, focused sewing. Industry-standard, adjustable-height K-legs provide a sturdy sewing experience. The exclusive Flex20 LED Light with a 7-inch flexible neck shines a concentrated beam of light for accurate sewing. Conveniently place the light on any metal surface using the light's magnetic base.

Deluxe Fabricator Package

A sewing setup as visually stunning and inspiring as your work. The Deluxe Fabricator package features our best-selling industrial machine head in a gorgeous butcher block tabletop with a bespoke, handcrafted look. The adjustable steel legs deliver the ultimate vibration-free sewing experience. Cutouts in the tabletop keep bobbins and notions within easy reach, and the Industrial Flexible LED Light, with its 26-inch neck, delivers bright, concentrated light in hard-to-see places.

Unbeatable Support & Service

Each Fabricator is individually fine-tuned, calibrated and tested by our sewing machine technicians at our manufacturing facility headquartered in Indiana. Every machine is tuned and set correctly to function at its optimal level so there is no tuning on your end. We take the time and effort to ensure that every machine receives personal care and attention before shipping out to our customers.

At Sailrite, we believe in cultivating a lifelong relationship with our customers. Our well-trained and knowledgable customer service staff is here to answer any questions you may have about your Fabricator. Paired with our numerous online tutorials and demonstration videos, all available for free on our website, you have everything you need to get the most out of your machine. Our Fabricator Sewing Machine comes with a two-year limited warranty. Should you need them, we have replacement parts in stock and ready to ship.