How to Make Upholstery Piping

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Piping adds a beautiful, professional touch to your upholstery pieces. You can add piping to furniture, cushions and pillows, and it’s very easy to make your own. This quick sewing tips video will show you how to make your own custom piping. Plus, we’ll discuss the difference between bias-cut and straight-cut piping and when to use which piping method for your upholstery application. Let’s get started.

How to Make Upholstery Piping 2

The first step to making upholstery piping is to cut your fabric strips. This is when the difference between bias-cut and straight-cut piping comes into play. Bias cutting is cutting along a 45-degree angle from the warp or weft. Bias-cut piping has more stretch than straight-cut piping and is a very common way to make custom piping.

If your cushion or furniture piece features striped fabric, we recommend straight-cutting the fabric for your piping along the weft so that the stripes on the piping will match up with the stripes on the rest of the piece. A four-way stretch vinyl features stretch along the warp and weft, so you can cut straight strips for this type of fabric; you don’t have to cut along the bias.

To sew our piping we’re using the Ultrafeed® LS Sewing Machine. It’s a great upholstery machine and comes with a built-in welting tunnel that’s perfect for sewing piping. If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty sewing machine that can handle upholstery work, as well as canvaswork, leatherwork, hobby sewing and more, the Ultrafeed LS is the machine for you.

Watch the video below to learn how to sew piping. You’ll find the list of needed supplies below the video. Sailrite® has everything you need to sew for your home, boat, patio, vehicle and more.

Now that you know how to make your own piping, you’re ready to apply your new skill with an upholstery project! We have dozens of DIYs on our website. From armchairs and recliners to automotive and boat seating, we have upholstery projects for whatever you’re into. Go to the “Learn” tab on our website to start exploring and start your next exciting project today!

Materials & Tools List

  • Upholstery fabric of choice
  • Soft Grip Rotary Cutter 45mm (#123114)
  • Sailrite® Clear Acrylic Ruler 6" x 24" (#102400)
  • Sailrite® Double-Sided Cutting Mat 18" x 24" (#123112)
  • Wonder Clips Assorted Colors (10 pack) (#121876)
  • Welting cord
  • Sewing machine with cording foot