Tips for Installing YKK® Metal Zippers & Sliders

Item # X-HT-300485

Here at Sailrite®, we offer a number of zipper options for all your DIY needs. In today’s blog, we’d like to discuss our available YKK® brand metal zippers and how to install a metal zipper slider on your metal zipper teeth. We’re also going to explain when to use metal zippers. Let’s get started!

A collection of our premium metal zippers and zipper sliders.

Metal zippers are composed of strong metal teeth. They are often made of zinc with a silver, black, white or brass finish. These great-looking zippers are generally used on garments, bags, purses, backpacks, interior cushions and upholstery. They often provide a more high-end look compared to molded tooth or coil zippers. We also offer a number of different sliders with varying shapes and colors to suit your preference. You’ll find all of these at the top of our website, on the "Zippers" tab under "Notions."

When you purchase a metal continuous zipper, you will need to install a zipper slider for metal chain to complete your zipper. To do this, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, open up your zipper and take a close look at the individual teeth. On one side of the zipper teeth, you will notice that there are very small metal “arrows” that point either up or down. This is the direction that your zipper slider will move. So when you install your zipper slider, keep in mind that it will only move in the direction that the arrows are pointing when you are zipping the teeth closed.

Look closely at the metal teeth. See how they point upwards like an arrow? That means the zipper slider can only move in that direction to close the zipper teeth.

Note: If you’re installing a metal zipper into a cushion or bag, you’ll need to double-check the direction that these “arrows” are facing to make sure your project looks and operates the way you intended.

We offer our YKK brand metal zippers in continuous chains in a size #5. Please be aware that a #5 zipper chain requires a corresponding #5 zipper pull. If you’d like to learn more about which zipper is right for your project, how to replace a zipper slider, or anything else zipper related, we have several helpful blogs you can refer to for more information. We’ve included them on the right side of this page. And if you ever have questions or concerns that our blogs don’t address, feel free to reach out to our customer support staff via email, website chat function or phone.