220–240 Volt Deluxe Foot Control With Grounded Wiring
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Our 220–240 Volt, 50 Hz Deluxe Sewing Machine Foot Control won’t get hot or make the typical arching noise made by carbon pile foot controls. This foot control allows for excellent variable speed control and is made from tough polymeric material that will not rust or corrode. Rated at 1.5 amps, it also comes complete with wiring and a grounded, 2-pin European plug. An extra long cord—68” from foot control to plug—makes it easier to sew at tall tables with the foot control on the floor.

This foot control comes standard with all 220–240V Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine packages.

Please note: Your sewing machine must have a 4-prong male plug system installed above the motor to be compatible with this foot control.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Ultrafeed LS-1, Ultrafeed LSZ-1


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Excellent services !

Very helpful. Thank you very much!


Deluxe Sewing Control

The original controller that came with the LS1 when pressed made a loud arcing noise and the needle would not move. Pressing more the noise increased and then suddenly the needle starts moving rapidly. My LS1 has a monster balance wheel and is 2 years old. I purchased the deluxe controller to make the LS1 more controllable and to reduce the noise. There was no noticeable improvement at all with the new controller. The arcing noise is the same or worse as the original controller and the ability to achieve a smooth controllable start to the needle movement is maybe worse as well In fairness I am used to modern industrial machines with servo motors that cost 10 times the price of the LS1.

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