Micro Basting/Tacking Gun
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Use the Micro Basting/Tacking Gun to cut down on sewing time and speed up the assembly process! The Micro Basting/Tacking Gun is perfect for making quilted products or holding pleats together, such as a pleated dust ruffle. You can even attach embellishments to your top treatments for a custom look. When creating Roman Shades, use the Micro Basting/Tacking Gun to easily and quickly close the ends of the rib pockets and tack the lining to the decorative fabric. This handy gun can be used as an alternative to fabric glue, pins or even sewing to keep thin fabric layers together.

This basting/tacking gun features a fine needle, which ensures that you will leave the smallest possible hole in any fabric you work with. Comes with a protective cap to ensure no damage is done to your assembly.

Note: Uses Micro Basting/Tacking Fasteners #121580 - Not Included.


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Demo of Micro Basting/Tacking Gun

How to Reload the Micro Basting/Tacking Gun and Replace the Needle


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Judith Verona
Verified Purchase


Worked well for tacking bedskirts to box springs.

Kate Kakridas
Verified Purchase

Micro Basting Tacking Gun

Love this tacking gun..I’m using it for reinforcement to pleats in stationary Roman shades.

Clay Jordan
Verified Purchase

Works well

John Howard

The jury is still out....

When this arrived at my post office box, I was in the process of replacing some plastic windows in an enclosure for a sail boat pilot house. The enclosure had been in the tropic sun for a few years and was very stiff and hard to work with. I was using basting tape to hold the new window panels in place, but the new panel would still walk around as I tried to sew it due to the old material being stretched and very stiff. At this point I was ready to try something different to lock the panels in place. I put together the UTACH and fired a few fasteners around the panel I was preparing to sew... without basting tape. The UTACH method was a big improvement in this case and application. The fasteners leave a bit of wiggle room in the assembly without letting the material get out of alignment. They are strong and held very well even though I was using them far out of their intended parameters. The gun's needle had no issues being pushed through the heavy material and there were very few misfired fasteners considering the how I was using it. I watched Eric's video and noted that the fastener guide was not being properly used in the video. The guide is the plastic piece that attaches to the top of the gun where the fastener stack enters the gun, it should be rotated back toward the rear of the gun and locked in the topmost notch. If positioned this way it keeps the stack of plastic fasteners from wobbling around as well as out of the way when a fastener is being fired. The only concerns I have at this point is obtaining replacement parts and extra needles. The gun comes with a spare parts list in the box, but no contact information of any kind. In fact, there are no manufacture address of any kind anywhere that I could find. The instructions for the guns use is printed on the box and are somewhat useful. I'm very interested to see if it continue to be useful and hold up to real world use.

Glenn Cox

Excellent Tool

I recently used this little tool when sandwiching 1/4" sew foam between two pieces of fabric. It was a lot faster than pinning and held great while sewing. I quickly placed them about 3 inches apart. When finished I just slipped a seam ripper under the fastener and popped one end off. I also used it when fitting a bottom to an oval shaped bag and was ready to sew in only a minute. I ran my stitches inside the fastener line and then just left them in when I turned the bag inside out. Don't use on vinyl as it will leave a hole but so far so good using it on canvas, Oly*Fun and labels. You can sew right over them with no problems as they are plastic and very small.

Carole Ryan
Verified Purchase

A little bit of difficulty making it work on some things, but overall good product.

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