Replacement Needle for Micro Basting/Tacking Gun

SKU: 121701



This is the replacement needle for the Micro Basting/Tacking Gun. This fine needle ensures that you will leave the smallest possible hole in any fabric you work with. This product can be used to replace your old needle if it becomes bent or worn, or as a handy spare to keep in your toolbox just in case.

To Use: First, pull the tacks out of the gun. Then turn the small dial on the front of the gun 180 degrees and pull the old needle out and discard. To insert the needle replacement, line up the long groove on the needle with the groove of the tack gun and push the needle into place within the gun. Then turn the small lever on the gun back around to its original position to lock the needle in place. Lastly, insert the tacks and you’re ready to go!

Please use care when replacing the needle as it is very sharp.