Weblon Regatta® Bias Binding Tape Vinyl Ivory

SKU: 106700
$7.00 to $96.00



This is a bias-cut binding tape with double folded edges made from heavyweight Weblon Regatta® vinyl-laminated polyester fabric. Waterproof, mildew resistant and easy to clean, Weblon Regatta is a durable and abrasion-resistant fabric with outstanding UV resistance.

The lengthwise edges of this Weblon Regatta binding have been turned under about 1/4 inch to provide a clean finished look when installed. Use matching or contrasting binding tape to trim the edges of awnings, dodgers, biminis and other covers, as well as zipper flaps. Simply sandwich the fabric edge with the binding and sew in place.

Note: Bias binding will have splices along the length of the material where the manufacturer has joined the cuts of fabric. This is completely normal and to be expected.