UV Bonded Polyester Thread Assortment Pack

SKU: 121635



Packed with impressive attributes, you can be sure the thread in this assortment will last even when confronted with the elements. These high-performance, twisted multifilament polyester threads are ideal for outdoor applications such as sails, tents, boat covers, awnings, outdoor canvas covers and tarps. These threads have advanced UV protection specially designed for outdoor applications where seam strength and fade prevention are necessary and a non-wicking finish reduces moisture coming through seams. The consistent bonded finish minimizes the need for continual machine tension adjustments.

This Black and White Polyester UV Thread Assortment Pack is designed for the Sailrite®Ultrafeed® LS and LSZ, Yachtsman, Mini-Walker, Reeds and most home sewing machines that utilize a Class 15 bobbin.

Thread on industrial cones like in this package, should pull up off the top of the cone for a smoother feed to the sewing machine and to add an extra twist in the thread. The extra twist increases thread strength, helps keep the thread from unlaying and eases tension problems.

Note: Some hembobs are overfilled by the manufacturer. This might cause issues with your sewing machine. We recommend pulling off the first foot of thread before installing the hembob in your bobbin case. This will prevent any potential thread jams and will ensure that any excess glue from the manufacturer has been removed.