Carbiepoles™ Adjustable Shade Pole 38mm/1.5" Stainless Steel

SKU: 125566



These handcrafted, adjustable (telescoping) stainless steel poles will vastly improve your shade extension experience. Made with durable 316 stainless steel, these 38mm/1.5-inch poles are lightweight and very strong. They incorporate an internal rigging system with a pulley and an aluminum cleat to tension your sun shade awning to make setup quick and easy. They fit in regular rod holders. This telescoping stainless steel pole can be retracted or extended from 66 inches to 84 inches via an upgraded, adjustable cam lock, which means you can set your awning or sun shade exactly where you want it. Stay cool and shaded with the help of Carbiepoles!

Please Note: Boating at more than 11mph (10 knots) with the shade and poles up is not recommended. We recommend using a Fixed Eye Snap Hook (#122747) on the end of the rigging line for quick attachment to your sun shade canopy.

Thickness of Stainless Steel: 0.079" (2mm)