Ground Auger Mount for Sail Shades

SKU: 122831



This Ground Auger Mount is an easy and convenient way to install a Carbiepoles™ Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shade Pole. Simply drill or screw the auger into the ground using the removable aluminum handle, and then mount your shade pole inside the auger's hollow center. Once fully drilled, the auger is perfectly flush with the ground and does not need to be removed for lawn mowing.

In addition to shade sail structures, the Ground Auger Mount can also be used for patio umbrellas, clotheslines, volleyball nets, beach umbrellas and more. Three adjustable rings accommodate a variety of pole diameters from 1.30-2.20 inches in diameter. Each adjustable ring size corresponds to a different pole depth within the auger. Refer to the "Dimensions" section below for a dimension image of the auger with the ring sizes labeled. Here are the following pole depths within auger: Ring A = 7.7 inches deep; Ring B = 7.5 inches deep; Ring C = 7.2 inches deep; Ring D = 6.875 inches deep.

Please Note: The Ground Auger must be paired with the Carbie Adjustable Webbing Straps Kit (#122626 or #122627) because there is not a 10-degree tilt to the Auger Mount.