Carbiepoles™ Tapering Sports Fisher Pole Black

SKU: 123238



The Carbiepoles™ Tapering Sports Fisher Pole is an adjustable (telescoping) carbon fiber pole that will add much-needed shade on your sportfishing boat or open fisher boat. The pole can be retracted or extended from 84 to 120 inches, which means you can set your sun shade or awning exactly where you want it. The pole's diameter is 2 inches but the Kevlar-reinforced end tapers down to 1-1/2 inches so that it can fit in a standard-size fishing rod holder. Carbiepoles Tapering Sports Fisher Pole comes with a high-grade sailing block, cleat, clamp and pulley. Includes a handy storage bag to keep your poles protected when not in use.

Note: Support straps must be installed to equalize pressure to the front and back of the poles while the poles are under load. Failure to install straps will void all warranties. Sailrite recommends Carbie Adjustable Webbing Straps.

Please Note: It is not recommended boating at more than 11mph (10 knots) with the shade and poles up unless a Carbie Adjustable Webbing Strap is affixed to the already installed padeye (opposite the pulley). We recommend using a Fixed Eye Snap Hook (#122747) on the end of the rigging line for quick attachment to your sun shade canopy.

Thickness of Carbon Fiber/Kevlar: 0.138" (3.5mm)