Choosing the Right Fittings for Bimini & Dodger Frames Video

Item # X-HT-200304

First, we’ll start with discussing side mount plates. These are designed to be mounted along the vertical surface deck or coaming on your boat. An eye end is attached to the side mount plate and this is how you raise or lower the dodger or bimini frame.

Next, we’ll take a look at flat mount plates. These plates are installed on a flat surface on the deck of your boat. There are two types of flat mount plates depending on whether you need one that is straight or that is angled to accommodate the shape of your boat and how the eye end will be installed. There’s another type of flat mount plate that has a concave bottom so it can be installed onto stainless steel tubing. The Universal Deck Mount can be mounted to almost any surface and achieve any angle you need due to the hinge that swivels to accommodate the eye end. This is the hardware that is included in all Sailrite® Bimini and Dodger Kits.

Jaw slides slide onto your tubing. You attach an eye end to a jaw slide so you can attach one piece of tubing to another for your dodger or bimini frame construction.

Adjustable eye ends go on the end of any piece of tubing. You can increase or decrease the length from one eye end to another by screwing them together. There’s 1-1/2 inches of adjustment in each one.

Quick release pin fittings make it easy and fast to disassemble and reassemble your bimini or dodger frame. They come with spring-loaded pins, called Quick Release Clevis Pins, that allow you to unlock jaw slides and flat mount plates quickly.

Nylon hardware can be used in a bimini or dodger frame. They are lighter than stainless steel hardware, but not as strong. They are strong enough for 3/4-inch or 7/8-inch aluminum tubing but not 1-inch tubing. This is another option for your boat if you don’t want stainless steel hardware. They can also be used for home awnings.

Video Chapters:

  • Side Mount Fittings (1:35 min.)
  • Flat Mount Plates & Concave (2:24 min.)
  • Jawslides - Sliding, Hinged, and Side Mounted (4:58 min.)
  • Adjustable Eye Ends (1:02 min.)
  • Quick Release Fittings for Tubing (2:08 min.)
  • Nylon Fittings for Tubing Frames (1:07 min.)