#15 Curtain Grommet 2" (Antique Brass)

#15 Curtain Grommet 2" (Antique Brass)

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Use these oversized plain grommets to create stylish grommet-top curtains and drapes. These brass curtain grommets are durable and sturdy and feature an antique finish. To use, install the grommets along the top of your drapery and thread the grommets directly onto the curtain rod.

These grommets are recommended for indoor applications but can be used outdoors with the understanding that they will darken over time. If rained on, they may stain the curtain they are installed in. Because of this, be sure they are protected as much as possible from the elements.

Metal curtain grommets require the C.S. Osborne W-1 Hand Press and corresponding dies for installation. It is recommended that these grommets be placed 6-7 inches apart.

When working with these grommets, keep in mind that the minimum fabric thickness you should utilize is 0.020 inch and the maximum fabric thickness is 0.100 inch. These grommets have a 2-inch hole.