C.S. Osborne W-1 Hand Press

SKU: 121274



The W-1 Hand Press by C.S. Osborne is a versatile tool that cuts holes for and installs ligne 24 snap fasteners, brass and nickel spur grommets, vent grommets, curtain grommets and oversized plain grommets. It also cuts fabric and covers buttons for custom upholstery work. The W-1 Hand Press features a reinforced frame and handle, and needs to be bolted to a work surface via three, 3/16-inch-diameter screws (not included) for use. This easy-to-operate hand press is designed to apply the perfect amount of pressure to cut fabric and set your hardware with professional consistency.

The W-1 Hand Press arrives fully assembled and includes a nylon cutting block and an Allen wrench for securing bottom dies. All die sets are sold separately.

Note: Do not use the W-1 Hand Press to install stainless steel spur grommets. Only brass and nickel spur grommets are compatible with this hand press.