Curtain Track Ceiling Mount Aluminum 48"

SKU: 104918



Ceiling Mount Curtain Track is an anodized aluminum, hand-draw curtain track that can be directly mounted to a ceiling. Use standard fasteners to ceiling mount or the track can be recessed. This curtain track is etched, anodized and siliconized with a clear stain finish. Rust-proof and chip-proof.

This ceiling mount track is great for heavy weight applications and can be used indoors or outdoors. Ceiling Mount Curtain Track only accommodates ceiling mount carriers.


Track should be mounted to wood or plaster using standard fastener screws. Pre-drill holes for screws in center of track positioned 4-6 inches apart. Track installation should allow 1/2 inch clearance between track end and end wall. Carriers are usually spaced between 3-5.5 inches on center to drapery fabric. Attach draperies starting at the center.