Dacron® 4 oz. Single-Sided UV Coated Sailcloth White 60" Fabric

SKU: 124949



Dacron® UV Coated Sailcloth is knife coated with a urethane impregnated with Titanium Dioxide-Plus and white pigment. The UV coating molds to each filament for increased adhesion and a longer lifespan than older coatings that tend to crack and flake. Please Note: This sailcloth is only UV coated on one side (the outside, facing the sun). To determine the coated side, use a marker and mark both sides of the cloth. The ink will bleed on the side that is not coated.

Use as a UV sacrificial cover to add strength and UV protection to your furling sail. This UV Dacron is also perfect for lightweight awnings or in crosscut sails. Coated on both sides.

Note: The manufacturer states that the width variance allowed is up to 2 inches; widths may vary between 58" - 60".