3M™ Super 77™ Spray Adhesive Low VOC 18 oz.

SKU: 636100



3M™ Super 77™ Spray Adhesive Low VOC is a fast, aggressive, clear tack that bonds many lightweight materials like foils, plastics, papers, metals, fabrics and cardboard. It's great for keeping fabrics in place while sewing. Use 3M™ Super 77 on corner patch assemblies on sails. Gluing your corner patch eliminates the chance for bubbles or uneven patches. It can also be used for gluing batting to a foam cushion or holding Sunbrella® in place during roller furling sun cover installations. As seen in Sailrite tutorial videos, this glue can be used to temporarily bond Dura-Skrim® Patterning Material to contoured foam for patterning. Low soak-in and soft non-dimpling glue lines give your bonding project the look you want. Great for craft projects too.

Directions for Use:

  • 1. Clean bonding surfaces to remove dust, dirt, oil, etc., before application of the adhesive.

  • 2. Shake can well before each use and periodically during use.

  • 3. Hold can 6-10 inches from the surface.

  • 4. For Strong Permanent Bonds: Spray both surfaces to be bonded. For Temporary Bonds with Easy Removal: Apply a light coat. Most surfaces can then be removed when desired without adhesive transfer.

  • 5. Allow adhesive to dry until aggressively tacky. Test for tackiness by gently touching the adhesive with your knuckle, If the adhesive is tacky and does not transfer to your skin, it is ready to bond. If the adhesive is dry or only has a very light tack, it is too dry. Another coat of adhesive should be applied to at least one of the surfaces.

  • 6. Bond surfaces while adhesive is aggressively tacky.

  • 7. NOTE: When bonding expanded polystyrene foam, leave the surface open for about 10 minutes to allow most of the solvent to escape before bonding.

  • 8. To prevent the spray nozzle from blocking: At the end of each day, turn the can upside down and press the tip until spray is clear from adhesive. Clean the spray tip with turpentine.

  • 9. Spray nozzle or excess material can be cleaned with 3M™ Scotch-Grip Solvent No. 1. NOTE: Solvent No. 1 is highly flammable. When using solvents for cleanup, it is essential that proper safety precautions are observed.