EverSoft™ Hidem Gimp Stone

SKU: 125261
$12.75 to $51.00



This hidem gimp is made from EverSoft™ Smooth Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Fabric, so it perfectly matches all EverSoft vinyls, headliners and channeling fabrics. And it boasts all of the impressive attributes that make EverSoft vinyl so durable! EverSoft Smooth vinyl has a supple feel and no visible grain pattern. This hidem gimp is folded and sewn along both edges to create a premium 3/4" binding. Hidem gimp is perfect as a headliner trim but is most commonly used to cover stapled seams.

To Use: Center the hidem gimp over the unfinished edges you wish to secure. Fold the hidem gimp back from the middle and staple or tack under the folds to secure it in place. The folds of the hidem gimp will conceal the staples or tacks for a finished and clean appearance.

Installation Note: HH-66 Vinyl Cement works extremely well to bond this hidem gimp to vinyl in case staples were not desired.


  • Easy to Apply--Use 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch staples or tacks