How to Make Neckroll Pillow Covers

Item # X-HT-200507

Neckroll pillows, also known as bolster pillows, are a great addition to your bedroom set. They add visual interest since they are a different shape from other bedroom pillows. They’re also great for lumbar support. Our how-to video will show you the steps needed to sew your own neckroll pillow cover for a pillow form. Let’s get started.

The first step to sewing a pillow cover is to measure the width and diameter of your neckroll pillow insert. Each pillow cover will require one rectangular body panel and two round end pieces. Our neckroll pillows open and close with a hook-and-loop system (also known as Velcro). The width of the hook-and-loop tape must be accounted for in the pillow body dimensions, so be sure to follow along carefully to the video so you don’t miss a step.

This is a great beginner-friendly sewing project. Pillows are a fun and easy DIY — they don’t take too long to make, they use very little fabric and supplies, and you can never have too many pillows, right!? We used Sunbrella® upholstery fabric for our neckroll pillow. Sunbrella upholstery fabric is soft, stain/mildew resistant and easy to clean. It’s a great choice for pillows, cushion and upholstery projects. At Sailrite®, we stock hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics just waiting for you to make something beautiful with them.

How did your neckroll pillow cover turn out? Did you run into any issues or questions? If so, feel free to call, email or online chat with us. Our trained staff of customer service representatives is standing by waiting to help you with all your project needs. And if you want to make more pillows now that this one turned out so great, be sure to check out our entire selection of pillow how-to blogs. Just type “pillow” into the search engine, and then click on the “Projects & Tips” tab to explore our entire lineup.