How to Make an Outdoor Table Runner

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Finished table runner on our outdoor dining table.

Add a splash of color to your outdoor dining table with a DIY table runner. We made this lively, two-tone runner as part of our Outdoor Dining Area Makeover to make our table extra special. For this project, since we knew the runner would primarily be outside, we added weights to the ends to help keep the runner in place, even on a breezy day. We also made our runner from cleanable, outdoor-friendly Sunbrella® fabric.

Today we’re going to break down the steps so you can make a runner for your patio’s dining table. The steps are the same for making a runner for inside your home, too. Let’s take a look at how it’s done!

Table Runner Materials:

    Outdoor table runner materials
  • Decorative Outdoor Fabric (we used a Sunbrella Upholstery Fabric)
  • Coordinating Fabric (we used Sunbrella Spectrum Kiwi #48023-0000)
  • Drapery Weights #100186
  • Outdoor Thread

How to Make an Outdoor Table Runner

1. Measure your table and determine the desired length and width of your runner.

2. Mark your patterned fabric to your desired length and the width to your desired finished width + 1 inch. Pattern the solid fabric to the same length and a width of the finished width + 3 inches. Cut out your panels.

Cut out your panels to your desired size

3. With the right sides facing, lay your fabric panels so that one long edge of the patterned fabric is flush with one long edge of the solid fabric. Sew a row of straight stitches down the side, about 1/2” away from the raw edge.

Sew down one long side of your fabric

4. Line up the opposite long edges of the fabric panels so they are flush and sew a row of stitches down that side as well.

Line up the opposite long edges and sew down that side

5. Turn the assembly right side out. Lay out the assembly so that the patterned fabric panel is centered with a solid border on either side.

Center the border fabric on either side of the patterned fabric

6. Carefully topstitch where the solid border meets the patterned fabric along both long sides of the runner.

Carefully top stitch where the two fabrics come together on each side.

7. Create a 1/2” hem at each short end of the runner.

Create a 1/2 inch hem at each short side.

8. Fold in the corners of the short ends to create a triangle. Sew a row of stitches across the bottom of the triangle to secure.

Fold the short ends to create a triangle

9. Hand sew a drapery weight into the tip of each triangle.

Sew a drapery weight into each triangle.

10. Enjoy your new table runner!

If you want to start with a more simple table runner design, check out our How to Make a Table Runner Video (200610XHT).

Would you put a table runner on your outdoor table? What do you think of weighing it down? Share your thoughts in the comments!