How to Prevent Cushion Condensation

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Do you have a problem with excess moisture or condensation on your boat or RV? If you’ve ever felt dampness on the bottom of your upholstered cushions or a mattress, this can be a dead giveaway that moisture is building up beneath these items and can lead to excess mold and mildew growth. We’ve got an easy solution! Moisture Prevention Underliner is a breathable material that can alleviate this issue, and we’ll explain how in this quick no-sew project.

Without proper care, moisture can easily build up beneath the cushions and mattresses found in your boat, RV, camper and many other locations. Fortunately, there's an easy fix! Moisture Prevention Underliner is an ingenious, simple way to increase air circulation beneath your desired application. By promoting this airflow, you are preventing moisture buildup and thus decreasing your chances of having mold and mildew growth. This product has an inner core made from thousands of hair-like fibers that connect to a honeycomb shaped plate to create a stiff material that acts as a barrier between your cushion or mattress and the surface it's laying on to increase the even flow of air.

Moisture Prevention Underliner is offered in a 60 x 90-inch sheet size and is 3/8-inch thick. Not only is it strong and lightweight, but there is also no right or wrong side, so you can nest various pieces together to better fit any space. And one of the best features of Moisture Prevention Underliner is its ease of installation. Simply pattern and cut to any shape with scissors and place it wherever it's needed -- it's really just that simple!

In our short video, we’ll show you how to pattern and cut this handy material to fit underneath boat cushions, although you can use this underliner anywhere. In fact, leftover pieces of Moisture Prevention Underliner can be placed in kitchen cupboards, locker bottoms, under pet beds and many other places to prevent mold and mildew growth by increasing airflow.

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