Moisture Prevention Underliner 60" x 90"

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Moisture Prevention Underliner 60" x 90" is an innovative high-strength mesh material designed to promote consistent airflow underneath your mattress, minimizing the chances of condensation, mold and mildew growth.

When a mattress or cushion is located in a place such as a boat cabin, RV, truck, camper or tent, it lies against a flat, hard surface, reducing the airflow beneath it. When you sleep, the temperature of your mattress increases while the surface it’s on remains cold. This difference in temperature creates condensation and can eventually lead to mold and mildew growth. But not anymore!

Moisture Prevention Underliner creates a strong, lightweight, breathable barrier between your mattress and the surface it’s lying on. This greatly improves air circulation and reduces the chances of moisture buildup. Even if moisture does occur, this material promotes ventilation, allowing it to evaporate much quicker than it would otherwise.

This material is lightweight, flexible, easy to clean and strong, plus it’s thin enough that it can’t be felt beneath you. In fact, the slight lift and increased circulation make sleeping more enjoyable. This material provides 3/8 inch of space between your mattress or cushion and the hard surface beneath it.

Moisture Prevention Underliner is incredibly durable and has a wide range of applications. It’s perfect for use underneath mattresses, cushions or pet beds in your boat cabin, truck, RV, tent, camper, home or anywhere else ventilation is needed! It can even be used for dock lockers and boxes, sail and rope lockers, drawers, and under cans or metal containers to prevent rust.

Installation Instructions:

Moisture Prevention Underliner is quick and easy to install in just a few steps! It can be cut with household scissors and two pieces of this material can be pushed together to fit under one larger cushion if needed.

1. Roll out the Moisture Prevention Underliner on a hard surface and place the intended cushion or mattress on top of it.

2. Use a chalk marking pencil and trace around the item.

3. Cut out the marked Moisture Prevention Underliner with scissors. There may be some fibers that shed but it will cut easily.

4. Place it underneath your cushion or mattress in the desired location. All done!

Please Note: The sheet size is 60" x 90"; however, we have found that the width (60") varies up to 1 inch.