How to Use Large Thread Cones on a Home Sewing Machine

Item # X-HT-300022

If you have a home sewing machine that can handle sewing heavier fabrics, you probably will want to use a heavier thread, too. Most domestic sewing machines can sew up to V-69 thread. Our V-30, V-46 and V-69 threads come in cones as opposed to the small spools that are standard for home threads. However, home sewing machines probably don’t have a place for you to set such a large cone of thread. We have a couple of quick tips that will help you get the best feed off your cone of thread on a home sewing machine.

Cones vs. Spools

Example of a cone of thread vs. a spool of thread

First, let’s talk about why these large cones of thread need to be treated differently than the typical spool. Large cones of thread require the thread to be pulled off the top of the cone for smooth and consistent tensioning in your sewing machine. Conversely, on smaller spools of thread, the kind that are traditionally used for home sewing, the thread pulls off the side of the spool. These smaller spools can sit on a post on your sewing machine, but this setup isn’t right for the larger cones.

Thread Stand

Use a thread stand to hold large cones of thread.

What do you do? The best way to get clean feeding off the cone is to use a thread stand behind your machine. We have two options of thread stands, one with a plastic base and another with a sturdier metal base. Both of our thread stands are reasonably priced and will be great for this application.

Cone on the Floor

Set your cone of thread on the floor and thread it over the back of a chair.

If you’d prefer to not invest in a thread stand or you can’t wait until it arrives, we have a trick for you. Set your cone of thread on the floor behind your sewing machine and pull the thread off the cone and up over the back of a chair and then thread it into your machine.

If you’re not sure if your domestic sewing machine can handle heavier fabrics or thread, it’s always good to do some test sewing.