Insignia Adhesive Backed White 54" Fabric
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Adhesive-Backed Insignia White is a high-tack, residue free polyester that is often used for sail numbers, insignia, spreader patches and as an economical repair tape. Being polyester, Insignia is inherently UV resistant, but will break down faster than acrylic, vinyl or UV protected Dacron® in the sun. Insignia is easy to use, rarely needing to be sewn. It also features a grid on the paper backing to aid in patterning.

Insignia is easy to remove when numbers or insignia need to be replaced. When using it as a repair tape, if the rip you’re patching is larger than three inches the patch should be sewn in place. Rips three inches and under do not need to be sewn.

To properly install adhesive-backed Insignia, we recommend taking care to follow a few steps. If installing Insignia on older or wrinkled sailcloth, clean the area of the sail with 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner or a 50/50 water and alcohol solution prior to installation. Be sure your environment is right for installing Insignia—we recommend 68° F to 90° F. During installation, be sure to smooth out the Insignia, removing any bubbles. Then let it lie flat overnight while the bond cures.


Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard
Width: 54"
Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
Color: White
Weight: 3.3 ounces per sailmakers yard

Recommended Uses

Marine: Sail Logos & Numbers


Dacron Adhesive Repair Tape & Insignia for Sail Repairs

use Dacron Adesive Repair Tape or Insignia for sail repairs.

Insignia Material - Sail Logo Creation - Make your own Sail Logo

How to create a sail logo using insignia material (adhesive bakced Dacron) and monofilm as the pattern.


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HG Well
Verified Purchase

Exactly what I needed!

Exactly what I needed!

J. Jay
Verified Purchase

Easy to use, high quality Insignia / sail number replacement or new installation

I wanted a "correct" insignia on a replacement sail that I purchased but the boat is 50 years old and I could not find it in any of the One Design offerings by any sail loft or major sail maker. My local loft wanted $8.00 for each character and I needed eight of them. I also wanted a four digit sail number on each side. I purchased one yard of insignia cloth and had plenty for the task and enough left over for emergency sail patches. It cuts easily, adhered perfectly, does not fray where it is cut, and the Sailrite video demonstrated exactly how to use it. Worked great, far cheaper and faster than any sail loft could quoted. Best of all, I was able to design and execute the insignia to my exact scale and dimensional requirements. Now my boat older boat has the complete, classic look it originally had. Being so old, I doubt anyone will recognize the make/model it describes, but I will know.

yoav quittner
Verified Purchase

fast and great perchuce

Stephen Hock
Verified Purchase

Purchased this self-adhesive material to patch 2 sails that had been chewed by mice. Material was easy to work with. Product feels strong and sticks well. I used matching pieces on each side of the sail to cover the damaged areas. So far the patches seem to be holding on well.

Jan Martin
Verified Purchase

Just recently received the material and it looks nice and heavy duty.

Verified Purchase


L.B. Sailcraft
Verified Purchase

Fast, friendly, As always!

As always, SAILRITE delivers! Excellent!

Jeff Anderson

It worked! Baba 40 sail repair

"We had a major rip at the third reef point in our main sail going from New Zealand to Fiji. We put insignia material on both sides. It held well in winds 25 knots gusting up to 36. The large sheets allowed us to fit the shape. Glad we had this in our repair kit."Review entered by Sailrite by request of Jeff who is on a 7 year circumnavigation currently.

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