#6 Jiffy Grommet With Rivets 7/8" (Aluminum)
#6 Jiffy Grommet With Rivets 7/8" (Aluminum)

#6 Jiffy Grommet With Rivets 7/8" (Aluminum)

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Our own invention — two anodized aluminum washers that fit on each side of the fabric. Special tools are not required — simply use a hammer to mushroom the ends of the aluminum rivets in place. This grommet has a 7/8-inch hole and is nearly as strong as a 7/8-inch ring and eyelet (easily so if a short length of webbing is placed on one side to add reinforcement). Recommended for use on sails for boats 22 feet and under.

Please Note: Semi-Tubular Rivets 1/8" x 3/8" are included.

Installation Instructions:

Hold one ring over the cloth where you want it. Use an electric drill and a 1/8-inch drill bit to open holes in the cloth. Push all of the aluminum rivets through this one ring and the cloth. Then fit another ring to these rivets from the other side of the cloth.

Turn the assembly so that the rivet heads are down. Place those heads on a heavy, flat object, such as an anvil or vise. The protruding rivet ends can be flattened slightly with a few hammer blows. Another option for a better look would be flaring the rivets with a snap fastener tool. Cut away the cloth inside the grommet with a sharp knife and use a soldering iron or gun to trim the hole.

The Jiffy Grommet is extremely light and strong. To ensure maximum holding power, however, it is best to install the grommets only where there are four or more layers of cloth. Small triangular pieces of cloth can be sewn to the area in question if more layers are needed.

For extra strength one can loop a 9-inch length of polyester or nylon webbing through the grommet and run it back in the direction of strain. Sew it in place either by hand or by machine with a “Box-X” stitch or three rows of zigzag stitches. This extra reinforcement is normally necessary only on boats over roughly 20 feet.