Lazy Jack System (4-Leg) – Boats 32'-38'
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Lazy Jacks are a method of containing a mainsail when it's lowered. This Lazy Jack System is recommended for boats from 32-38 feet in length.

This Lazy Jack System comes complete with rope spliced blocks, cheek blocks on port and starboard sides at the top mast position (approximately 70% to 75% up the total mast height). Both sides are adjustable via the line that runs through the top mast cheek blocks and is secured via the plastic cleats near the boom. Line ends with a block attached are pre-spliced by the manufacturer. However, line ends without a block will require you to splice an eye using the “12 strand locking eye splice” technique at the appropriate location for your rigging.

Stainless steel eye straps are attached to the boom for each of the leg lines. If using this system for a sail pack, leg lines would be secured to the top of the stack pack’s webbing loops; strap eyes would then not be used in this configuration. 12 Strand Single Braid 1/4" Pre-Stretched Polyester Line is included with single blocks pre-spliced for smooth and easy adjustment of leg lines. Rivets and screws for attaching cheek blocks, strap eyes and cleats are not included.

Rope Calculator: 2.75 x P (P is the distance between the gooseneck to the top mast) x 2

Kit Includes:

  • 2 - Cheek Blocks (Single Footblock 39mm)
  • 6 - Single Blocks (Single Fixed Head 28mm)
  • 8 - Strap Eyes - Stainless Steel
  • 2 - Plastic Cleats
  • 215' - 12-Strand Single Braid ¼” Pre-Stretched Polyester Line (Main 100 feet, 1st Cascade 55 feet, 2nd Cascade 36 feet, 3nd Cascade 24 feet)
  • Basic Instructions


Sale Unit: EA
Boat length: 32'-38'
Maximum Mainsail Hoist (P): 39'
Leg Lines: 4


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