How to Set Up Your Sewing Machine — Part 1

Item # X-HT-200627

Welcome to the Sailrite® Learning to Sew Series! We invite you to sew through this seven-part video series with us and learn some basic sewing techniques. Made with the beginner in mind, these videos will walk you through all the fundamentals from how to set up your machine to sewing basic stitches. Whether you’re brand new to sewing or need a refresh on common sewing techniques, there’s so much to learn. Join us for this exciting series!

Learning to Sew Part 1 How to Set up Your Sewing Machine 2

This series is designed for those who have never sewn before and new Ultrafeed® owners. However, if you've been thinking about getting into sewing as a hobby or potential income source, this is a great place to learn the fundamentals of sewing. Consider this blog series a great jumping-off point. Likewise, if you know how to sew but are a bit rusty, this is a great refresher course and will get you up and sewing in no time!

In the course of this seven-part video series, you will learn:

  • How to set up your sewing machine.
  • How to stitch.
  • How to sew the most common seams.
  • How to hem and finish fabric edges.
  • How to sew a zipper.
  • How to add piping to your project.
  • Important sewing notions to keep on hand.

The first step of any sewing journey is getting your machine ready for its first stitch. If your sewing machine is already set up, go ahead and proceed to the next blog, “How to Stitch” (#200626XHT). However, if you are a brand-new Ultrafeed owner, start with this video to learn how to set up your machine. In this beginner video, you’ll learn the various parts of a sewing machine and their functions. You’ll also learn important lead-ups to sewing including how to wind a bobbin and how to thread the Ultrafeed Sewing Machine.

Throughout the series we will be sewing on an Ultrafeed LSZ Sewing Machine. However, the general skills featured in this series apply to sewing on any machine, whether a home or industrial machine. Some features and components may be specific to Ultrafeed machines, but you can refer to your sewing machine guidebook for specifications on your particular machine.

Learning to Sew Part 1 How to Set up Your Sewing Machine 3
The Ultrafeed guidebook is loaded with all the information you need to get your machine up and running!

The Ultrafeed Sewing Machine is a portable powerhouse machine with industrial strength. The Ultrafeed LS is our straight stitch only machine and the LSZ is our straight and zigzag stitch machine. Both machines are industry leaders and feature the exclusive WorkerB® Power Pack Motor System — the most powerful motor on any portable sewing machine. To learn the differences between the two machines and which one is right for your DIY lifestyle, check out our blog "Choosing Between the Ultrafeed LS & LSZ" (#300350XHT).

Watch the video below to learn how to set up your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine!

When you feel comfortable with your sewing machine and are all set up and ready, head over to Part 2 in the Learning to Sew Series: "How to Stitch" (#200626XHT).