Lenzip® #5 Black Separating Molded Tooth Zipper (Metal Double Pull Slider)

SKU: 124428
$4.00 to $7.55



This Lenzip® #5 black zipper is a separating, molded tooth zipper with a double pull slider. Lenzip molded tooth zippers are made with DuPont Delrin® Acetal Resins. The zipper teeth and tape are UV stable, making Lenzip separating zippers excellent for marine and outdoor environments. Choose size #5 zippers for outdoor, sports, casual wear and more. Separating zippers are suitable for jackets, parkas, vests, sweatshirts and sportswear. Replace an old, broken jacket zipper easily. The locking, double pull slider can be pulled from either side of the zipper chain and stays locked in place until pulled.

This zipper style can be fully separated, like the zipper on a jacket, and includes a zipper slider, starter box and top stops. A separating zipper can easily be shortened by cutting the end that is closed last. Install new top stops or sew fabric pieces over the ends of the teeth to keep the slider from coming off the end.


  • Locking, double pull zipper slider.
  • UV stable zipper teeth and tape resist yellowing and degradation.
  • Separating zipper includes slider, starter box and top stops.