Morbern® Surf Apple 54" Vinyl Fabric

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Morbern® Surf is a fun, modern-looking vinyl upholstery fabric with a matte (shine-free) finish. The wavy embossed pattern will give your upholstery applications a unique and contemporary style. This supple vinyl upholstery fabric can be used on your boat, in your home, on your patio, in your vehicle, and even for commercial and hospitality seating applications.

Morbern Surf is a unique 4-way stretch vinyl. It has some stretch, but not as much as a true 360-degree 4-way stretch vinyl. It’s also not as stretch resistant as traditional construction vinyl. With Surf, you have the versatility of some stretch and the ability to add construction stitching when needed. This mixture of properties makes Surf a great choice for golf cart seats, jet boat seats, boat interior and exterior cushions and upholstery, dining room seat cushions, commercial/hospitality seating and so much more. Choose this fabric for projects that require a mix of both stretch and construction vinyl properties. Surf can be constructed and sewn or stapled and pulled to remove wrinkles and provide shape.

Surf comes in a variety of neutral as well as bright and fun colors. It is highly abrasion and UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and waterproof. It's also very easy to clean, making it a great choice for a variety of indoor outdoor applications, and it's also great for families with kids and pets. Most stains can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water and a medium bristle brush.

Morbern Surf Taupe 54” Vinyl Fabric (#123260) shown.