Surface Mount Curtain Track does not have a flange to screw into and the center of the track is too small for the insertion of a screw. So the use of this Mounting Clip is needed to screw the track to a hard surface.

The insertion of the track into the clip is very tight and a few clips may break when initially inserting the track. It is recommended that you order a few extra clips in case some break when inserting the track. Once the track has been inserted properly the clips will not break under normal use.

We recommend spacing these mounting clips 12" - 18".


Sale Unit: PK5
Color: White
Hardware Material: Plastic



A. 0.177”
B. 0.635”
C. 1.019”
D. 0.369”
E. 0.497”
F. 0.665”


Mounting Clip for Curtain Track

Shows mounting the track with Mounting Clip.

How to Make Boat Interior Curtains

Demonstrates how to sew and hang curtains for the cabin of your sailboat. Soften the windows in your boat's cabin and make it feel more like home with these functional curtains. In this video you will learn how to sew the curtains and create Velcro tie-backs as well as how to use and install Surface Mount Curtain Track.


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0 Reviews
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Lynn Facella
Verified Purchase

Made my own curtains for my boat. Absolutely perfect for what I needed.

Gary Innerbichler
Verified Purchase

Exactly what I needed to finish up my project... Delivery was no effort on my part.

Alan Bergen
Verified Purchase

Easy procedure using the Sailrite hardware and "How To" video to make and install boat curtains.

Carrie K

Mounting clips worked on my Beneteau 423

I am happy to find these mounting clips which worked with the existing tracks on my Beneteau 423

Jon Robinson

Try to find the little components needed for interior or canvas projects

Try to find these little components, it is virtually impossible. Sailrite has all of the components that are needed for your projects and at reasonable prices. Thanks guys for being there.


Happy with their curtain parts!

Using these clips on my boat was the easiest way to go. I trust sailrite for when I project so when I was deciding to finally put curtains on the boat I went with their system after looking at different options. The clips don't need long screws and that was essential for me to making this work! Really pleased that I got all my curtain parts from them unseen and it's finally one of those projects where it all goes as planned. I had to glue wood to the insides of the boat, thankfully these are perfect and I have low profile curtains now!

Ned M
Verified Purchase

Don't forget these

Almost forgot to order these. Can't mount the curtain track without them...!

Gail Moriarty
Verified Purchase

Grateful for quick delivery, still trying to figure out if it will work for what I’m trying to do-will let you know as I order more parts!

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