Nonslip Foam Flooring Brown 27" x 94" (Adhesive Backed)

SKU: 125443



This adhesive-backed EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) Nonslip Foam Flooring is an easy-to-install flooring or mat option for your boat or RV. Add traction to your boat's swim platform, deck and stairs. It's also great for RV steps and floors, paddleboards, kayaks, rafts, as an antislip surface for One Design boats that require frequent hiking — it even has a use on farm equipment. EVA foam is weather-resistant and absorbs little water, so it is a safe, nonslip flooring choice. The strong peel-and-stick 3M™ adhesive backing adheres to your boat's fiberglass very well, and it cuts easily with scissors. It's also designed to be easy to remove without damaging the fiberglass.

The foam is 5mm thick, offering excellent cushioning and comfort when standing on deck for long periods of time. The flooring is embossed with a diamond pattern for increased traction. In addition to the material’s water resistance, EVA foam is also mold and mildew resistant, making it perfect for damp marine environments. The material is also stain-resistant and easy to clean; soap and water should take care of any spills or dirt.

Installation Tips:

  • Bonding surfaces must be clean and dry.
  • Ideal application temperature range: 70℉-100℉
  • Bond strength is dependent on the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact.
  • Firm pressure when adhering flooring helps develop better adhesive contact and improves the bond strength.