Nylon vs. Polyester Hook & Loop Tape

Item # X-HT-300171

Hook and loop fasteners, commonly known by the popular brand name, Velcro®, are a versatile fastener option for canvas projects, home décor and more. Hook and loop is made from two different synthetic materials, nylon and polyester, and while they look virtually identical, each material has its own pros and cons. We’re going to go over the differences between nylon and polyester hook and loop to help you decide which material is best suited for your application.

Hook and Loop velcro made from nylon and polyester.


Nylon hook and loop provides excellent strength and is resistant to mildew, stretching, pilling and shrinking. It offers better shear strength than polyester hook and loop but is only somewhat resistant to UV rays. Nylon will dry quickly, but it does absorb water and won’t operate properly until it is dry. It does, however, have a higher cycle life, meaning it can be opened and closed more times without wearing out than polyester hook and loop.


Polyester hook and loop is designed with prolonged outdoor exposure in mind. It is more resistant to mildew, stretching, pilling and shrinking than nylon and is also resistant to chemicals. Polyester doesn’t hold water, so it will dry quicker than nylon. It is also more UV resistant than nylon hook and loop and is the best choice for prolonged exposure to the sun.


We recommend choosing nylon hook and loop for interior application such as cushions and curtain tie backs or for limited exposure to outdoors. For most outdoor projects and on boat canvas, we recommend using polyester hook and loop. Since all hook and loop is on a woven tape, we also suggest covering the hook and loop in your fabric on one side to prolong the life of the tape, especially in outdoor applications.