Outdoor Fabric Selection Guide (PDF)

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There are so many outdoor fabrics on the market; so how do you know which one you need for your project? Sailrite is here to help! We’ve created a comprehensive chart that compares all the outdoor fabric brands we offer and rates them based on their most important properties, such as UV resistance and breathability. Use our Outdoor Fabric Selection Guide to find the best fabric for your DIY.

Find the right fabric for your outdoor project with our info-packed Outdoor Fabric Selection Guide!

When comparing outdoor fabrics, you should take into account how and where the fabric will be used and what sort of conditions it will be exposed to. There are six key criteria you need to consider when choosing outdoor fabrics: breathability, water resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, colorfastness and cleanability. Our helpful chart directly compares and rates all of our outdoor fabrics.

We've organized our chart by sewing category: Marine, Outdoor Living, and Outdoor Auto & RV. Within each of these three major sections, we list the various outdoor fabric projects associated with that category. That way, if you know you need fabric for marine exterior cushions, you can go right to that section and see which fabrics we recommend for that exact application. If you're looking for fabric for shade sails, you can go to the Outdoor Living section of the chart and find the listing for Shade Sails. Then you can choose from the various fabric brands recommended for that application.

Use this chart with the more detailed web descriptions of each specific fabric to help determine the best choice for your next outdoor sewing project. See the full chart by downloading it here:

Compare Outdoor Fabrics

We hope this fabric selection guide will help you find the best fabric for your outdoor sewing project. If you don’t see your project listed in this chart, give us a call, email or online chat with us and we’d be happy to find the perfect fabric for your DIY. Get more information on how to factor these criteria into your decision making in our "How to Choose an Outdoor Fabric" post (#300030XHT).