PremoBond® Tex 135 (V-138) Black UV Bonded Polyester Thread 16 oz. (2,400 yds.)

SKU: 124743



This is a high-performance, twisted multifilament polyester outdoor thread that is ideal for sewing a wide range of applications. Ideal for sail and canvaswork, PremoBond® polyester thread has advanced UV protection that is specially designed for outdoor applications where seam strength and fade prevention are required. The thread also features a non-wicking finish that helps to reduce moisture coming through seams. This polyester thread very seldom frays at the needle eye, and the superior bonded finish and consistent thread diameter minimize the need for continual machine tension adjustments. Perfect for use on sails, tents, boat covers, awnings, outdoor canvas covers, tarps and more.

Use this Tex 135 thread with a #20 or #22 needle on fabrics of more than 10 ounces. We recommend a #22 needle when sewing with the Sailrite® Fabricator® Sewing Machine.

Thread should pull up off the top of the cone for a smoother feed to the sewing machine and to add an extra twist in the thread. The extra twist increases thread strength, helps keep the thread from unlaying, and eases tension problems.


  • Improved resistance to strength loss from UV exposure over standard polyester filament thread.
  • Good seam strength.
  • UV resistant.
  • Non-wick treatment to limit moisture migration.
  • Consistent diameter and excellent ply.
  • High strength and stretch control.
  • Left-twist thread.