DOT® Pull-The-DOT® One Way Screw Stud 3/8" (Nickel-Plated Brass)

SKU: 555105
$5.50 to $385.00



DOT® Pull-The-DOT® One Way Screw Stud 3/8" is a nickel-plated brass stud with a stainless steel screw that is used in cloth-to-surface applications. The Pull-The-DOT studs have a thin waist to securely lock the socket in place on three sides and an octagonal base. This screw stud features a self-tapping Phillips head screw that attaches to a hard surface to create a locking snap that will only open from one side. Pre-drill a hole before installing. This stud is recommended for use in wood and fiberglass.

An installed Pull-The-DOT button and socket can be snapped to an installed Pull-The-DOT screw stud. For cloth-to-cloth applications, use a Pull-The-DOT stud without screw in conjunction with an eyelet.

Pull-The-DOT snap fasteners work well with applications where the snap must be placed at an angle where the fabric tension is high. Snap fasteners are excellent for covers, enclosures and more. All fasteners are highly resistant to corrosion.